Veteran newspaper executive offers consulting services to business, media organizations

Ken H. Fortenberry

Ken H. Fortenberry

Faced with calls from the media and don’t know how to handle them? Do you need to put a “positive spin” on an otherwise bad story? Do you need help shaping your company’s image with the media and the public? Is your business undergoing change, a potential PR crisis or do you just need help from “the other side?”

Veteran, award-winning  journalist Ken H. Fortenberry has successfully published newspapers throughout the South for 40 years, and now offers his experience as a media and public relations consultant to business and industry. He’s been both a newsmaker and a newsman so he knows the ins and outs of the media and that experience can prove invaluable as he gives tips that only a seasoned pro can provide.

As a newsmaker, he has been featured in the New York Times and “60 Minutes” and is a former U.S. Congressional candidate. As a newsman, he has been honored with more than 100 national, regional and state awards for excellence in journalism, and has owned or managed everything from small weeklies to multi-state daily newspaper operations.

From short-term, specific consulting needs to longer term engagements, Ken will bring his vast experience, knowledge and professionalism to your operation. He is also available for short-term assignments  and longer-term engagements in managing individual newspapers or small newspaper companies.

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